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Band Conditons At A Glance! You Can Even Put it On Your DeskTop!


..The Great Experiment Continues.. 

 Currently, I'm experimenting with, "PageBreeze" HTML Editor. The link is on the bottom of the page. This site will probably go through many changes before I settle on a permanent one. Anyhoo, this is my first draft...Well Almost, I've been tweaking it here and there. It's been 10 years or so since my last a website and  have forgotten much, plus I have a lot of catching up to do! Like amateur radio, it will be an  exciting and, sometimes - hair pulling - learning experience.

Below are some files that I use frequently and thought I'd share them with whoever wants them. Don't worry, I'm not out to play any games, or pass any harmful stuff. The files have been scanned many  times and have  always been found to be clean. 

Just Click on the Screenshots, or the Home link to download.

  Qlock - A freeware clock  for keeping track of time around the world. Add as many as you want!! Three sizes to choose from. You  toggle the display on/off  by clicking the "globe" on the task bar. Here is a screenshot of mine   

Qlock Home

Here Is My favorite CW Trainer Program - CW_Player  

CW Player Home

Convert - A nice little program I use. It'll convert Mass, Volume, Distance, etc. from US units to metric and back, plus a heck of a lot more!! Small, self contained. Stick it anywhere!

Convert Home

CQ100 - Talk to Hams all over the world in perfect clarity on your computer!! No, it's "not" radio but a ingenious chat program using a radio style interface!  Pretty Cool! A great alternative when the bands are down or, where antenna's aren't allowed. !!No FCC band restrictions here  - meaning a "Technician" class can talk on the "Amateur Extra" portion of the bands too!!

 Must be a licensed Amateur to activate and use.

 Free full 90 day trial period - $32.00 a year to register. Check it Out!!

QsoNet Home

How Cool is This!


Just click on the clock, get the code, embed it on your Site!

Any Location! 12/24 Hour Display, Several Sizes and Colors to choose from!

More to come!!


Worldwide HAM Radio QSL Website

free web counter

Download a free web counter here.


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